GPS With Emergency Alert & Run Time Detector


GPS With Emergency Alert & Run Time Detector V1.0

Unique RFID Driver Identity Cards

It is used to auto inform the information of the Trucks driver.


Easily the location of the vehicle can be Identified using LAMS IFG Application

Emergency Alert

During the time of emergency, By pressing the panic button the information can be conveyed to the control room

Vehicle Running Time Display

Running Time of the vehicle will be displayed, hence it restrict the continuous driving.

It is the Closed loop System which controlled through Server/ Cloud

It alerts when reaches to the pre set time limit. Only Running time of the vehicle will be taken into account.

It notifies who drives the vehicle through RFID. By using LAMS IFG, location of the vehicle and the Ignition Status can be viewed.

If the driver need an emergency help, Immediately by pressing the panic button, Information will be conveyed to the near by control room.

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