Switch on your E-Suraksa device.

What does the E-Suraksa device do?

If your house is being burgled; Click on a preset button on the E-Suraksa remote and state your emergency. You don’t even have to use your phone to call the police.

If you are all alone at home and there is a medical emergency? Help is just a click away; a click on the E-Suraksa remote notifies a medical facility near your home.

If there is an accidental fire at home; Just command your E-Suraksa remote to call the fire services. In the meanwhile, step out of your home to a secure place as you wait for the fire service to arrive.

When you use the E-Suraksa device, an alert is sounded on a speaker placed outside your home alerts the neighbours!

What does E-Suraksa do?

The E-Suraksa device can be programmed to contact; neighbours, relatives, emergency services with a single click during an emergency.

When you click a button on the E-Suraksa remote in an emergency, the signal notifies control room where the incident report is recorded by a live person.

Depending upon the emergency, the control room notifies the relevant authority. For example; in case of fire, control room notifies fire service / police, in case of burglary; control room notifies police. Similarly, control room notifies medical personnel in a medical emergency.

E-Suraksa saves the day! Contacts police, fire, medical services.

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