LAMS Inventors Space Innovation & Incubation Centre

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Reviews of Engineering students
LAMS Inventors Space Innovation & Incubation Centre is Collobrated with CSI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (CSICE - TECH PARK), Ketti Valley, The Nilgiris-643215

Benefits of LAMS Inventors Space Innovation & Incubation Centre Membership

Students will be benefitted by the knowledge of real world devices and latest technologies .

This workshop will enable students to adapt makers culture and they will get hands-on experience on real time machines

Workshop will help student to acknowledge corporate standards.

Our Trainers from top MNCs of the country will train students how be ready for the corporate world and help them get jobs easily.

Once associated with LAMS will be a permanent member of LAMS form where you will get a chance to share your knowledge and also witness some of the amazing minds of India through LAMS Network.

Trainers will be in continuous touch with students for all kinds of technical support on the topics

You can share your idea with the fellow maker’s space members and get funding guidance for your projects.

Students will set an idea of creativity
They will be able to convert "project idea to prototype" and from "Prototype to Real Time Product"
They will set an idea on Funding to bring their project real time
Students will set interest and confidence to design and develove their Inventions.

About LAMS Inventors Space Innovation & Incubation Centre

You can keep an eye on the recent trending technological developments in our wider world community. LAMS Inventors Space Innovation & Incubation Centre (LAMS ISIIC) conducted various National level Robotic competitions for the technical Aspirants to build their career. Practical learning is an outgoing process so it doesn’t stop even after an individual’s graduation. If the student wants to prove their achievements, they have to showcase their work that they have done in projects. In order to develop individual practical skills, students should participate in the technical trainings. It is compulsory to just attend workshops and courses limited to their technological field.

Way of expressing the student knowledge through practical application, students should exercise what they have learnt through books in a real-world scenario. No matter how many tests students might have given or how many assignments students may have aced, what mattered at that moment is, how accurately students could apply their learning of so many years. Here arises the question of practical knowledge. A person who is able to experience things not just gets a hands-on understanding of the subject, but also learns in a faster and easier manner. The same theory applies to students. . LAMS collaborated with Educational Institutions for providing the opportunity to Aspirants.

LAMS aim is to create creators/scientists in the advanced technologies by making them enthusiastic in technology, by giving them practical knowledge and by providing State, National and International Platforms to exhibit their skill. LAMS came forward to showcase the young minds. From the 7th Std to Master of Engineering students participating in the LAMS Events which conducted in every academic year, everyone was amazed by having their practical knowledge, LAMS proud to announce that bounded foundations of their career were built in LAMS collaborated laboratories. Each and every student and their parents were really thankful to LAMS. We are developing their skills.

Our LAMS students have a clear cut idea about where to apply their research based knowledge. This shows the uniqueness when compared with other students.